We all know that studying for an exam can be stressful.

Not to mention a board exam that you have to pay for! We all go through the same routine of working all day, running errands, and then studying.

Studying while being exhausted and stressed is one of the worst things you can do. After a long day your brain has a ton of information to process and sitting down to study fresh information is a terrible idea. I learned this through experience!

The number one study tip I learned is to wake up an hour early and start processing new information first thing, with coffee in hand. Throughout the day, try to recall some of this new information and lastly review this information for a half an hour. I would relax for another half an hour and sleep. The next morning wake up, briefly review the material you learned from yesterday and move on to the next page of material. If I had not heard this tip from a college friend, who knows what would have happened.

The second great tip I learned while watching Brain Games. Simply by standing and changing the location of where I was studying, helped my brain digest new information. I was very skeptical when I heard this but what did I have to lose? Sure enough my brain didn’t fatigue as quickly. Who knew something as simple as standing and walking around could be such a huge help.

Have any great tips that work well for you? Do you utilize flash cards? Please leave a comment below.