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I’m Jared and I am the guy behind oandpacademy.com. After searching for orthotic and prosthetic study guides to help me study for my upcoming board exams, I became frustrated. Unable to find a reputable resource to help me prepare, I decided to create my own. Using a website was a great way for me to organize and quickly navigate through all the information needed to pass my certification exams. After graduating from J.E. Hanger College of Orthotics and Prosthetics and completing each of my residencies, I made the next obvious step to furthering my career. I applied for my boards. This is when the search for a great study guide began. I talked to several practitioners and candidates within the field only to discover that many of the test preps were either held in faraway locations or cost hundreds of dollars. Next, I searched the web only to run into the same problem. This is when I decided to stop wasting time searching for resources and created my own. I spent very valuable time after work and on the weekends trying to determine exactly what information I needed to study. Outlining books, pouring over power points, and notes from school, I felt like I was drowning in a sea of materials. I broke down and spent entirely too much money on study resources online and spending more money than had I traveled to far away locations. I did all of this out of fear! Just to make sure I wasn’t going to freeze up after being asked a question that I wasn’t prepared for. Taking all of these prep courses and outlining thousands of pages of information resulted in thorough study guides. I removed all of the excessive information and made them easy to navigate. Why study material you will never need or waist valuable study time to find that one answer you can’t remember? Along the way, I discovered some great tools, tips, and tricks to help me remember information and great ways to keep me motivated. Originally, this websites only purpose was to help me study for the boards. My friends started to use my organizing skills despite having the same access to the same information. They all felt that my outlined saved them a ton of work. After receiving my official certification of CPO, I was going to take down this website. Why bother paying to have a website if I won’t be utilizing it any longer? This is when my friends and colleagues urged me to keep the resource online and possibly renovate it. So obviously, since you have read this far I did just that! Continuing to update both the website and study guides. All of this updating started taking up a lot of my personal time, not to mention family time. So for that reason, I’m now offering as much free content as I can and am charging for my study guides just to keep the website live. If you are new to this site I am here to help. Please feel free to reach out with any questions, comments, or even suggestions (about anything). I wish everyone lots of success while studying and taking your board exams. It can be a stressful time, but as long as you stay focused, study, and stay calm, you will pass your board exams in no time.

Best of Luck!  

Jared Caya

What We Do Noow

After years of selling orthotic and prosthetic study guides we are now branching out to act as point of reference for everyone.

Our goal is to be a resource for O&P Practitioners, Technicians, Admin, and Patients all while still helping to provide educational information to O&P Residents. 

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