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This is a list of tools that we have firsthand experience with and have found to have been very useful. 


Fix It Stix – This company sells some pretty sweet allen wrenches. My favorite one is the “Ratcheting T-Way Wrench With Locking Hex Drive”. It’s a bit pricey but being able to use the ratcheting mechanism when working in tight spots (like the darn distal anterior screw just above the prosthetic foot) is a knuckle saver. Their standard T-Wrench is also a great value. -

Dewalt 9mm Snap-Off Knife: Not for the faint of heart but this knife can be used to discreetly remove cast. Of course you use it in conjunction with your cut strip of choice and only need to push the blade out to one or two clicks, just long enough to cut through the casting material and nothing else. Is your blade starting to get dull? No problem snap it off and keep going.

Komelon Self-Lock Evolution 12-ft Auto Lock Tape Measure: Great for gathering height measurements as you do not need to worry about the tape measure automatically retracting while measuring your patients.

“Super Mite” Serrated Cutter Product #: 50/1550-125: These are a great cast removal tool, especially when working with young children who may spook easily at the sight of a cast saw or hook blade.

Plaster Scissors – “Excentric” – 190mm Product #: 52/5362-190: Another great product that I have been using for years. I love how these scissors are angled as they provide a great deal of leverage. Some may prefer the less canted (more normal angled) version of these scissors: Plaster Scissors – 220mm or Lister Bandage Scissors – 180mm. If you have bigger hands opt. for the 190-220mm versions.

Five-Piece Plaster Sculpting Set Product #: 50/5080-005: A sculpting set can allow you to modify and smooth tight areas that would otherwise be very difficult to modify. Having a variety of shapes at your disposal provides a great convenience.


Bernz-O-Matic ST2200T Micro Flame Butane Torch Kit: Having a mini torch either on the road or at the office is a great convenience. It is able to get into tight places that a heat gun or large torch may not.


BLACK+DECKER BDCS30C 4-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion Cordless Rechargeable LED Screwdriver: Having a compact and lite weight cordless electric screwdriver can help save you time and frustration. Either when assembling or adjusting a Jewett in a hospital room or attaching an ankle joint to an AFO, an electric screwdriver can save time. The speed of an electric screwdriver can also aid in removing or fastening stubborn screws, just be sure not to strip them out.


T-Wrench Set: I have personally used this set and it contains just about every wrench you will need. It is inexpensive and includes a ball driver and regular square driver. I believe that Harbor Freight also offers a lifetime warranty on these. My local store said to just bring in the broken driver and that they will replace it free of charge. I’m not sure every store will have the same policy but regardless these are a great deal.

Magnetic Tray: Having any magnetic tray around the lab can help save stress and prevent you from loosing that one screw that you don’t have a spare of. I have not used this exact brand before but it seems like a reasonable deal. I last purchased one at Harbor Freight but it fell apart within the first month I bought it.

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