Remember before we had cell phones, we would actually memorize phone numbers!

Memorizing phone numbers may be a thing of the past but this phone number you will want to remember. Stressing out over memorizing ground reaction forces throughout stance phase at the hip, knee, and ankle no more.Memorize this phone number below and you will have memorized the ground reaction forces of the lower extremity throughout the entire stance phase of gait!

 Phone Number: 222-1233


Notice how the letters in the phone number correlate to the letters A&P in the chart. The “A” is representing anterior and the “B” representing posterior.

When you begin to build the chart “A” is first letter that should be entered (just as its first in the alphabet).

So starting with the first number “2”(in the phone number), locate the first two cells and mark an “A”.  For the next number alternate to “P” and again fill in the next two cells with “P”.

Continue with the process making sure to alternate between “A” and “P” for each number with in the phone number.

Now you try:

Phone Number: 222-1233

After practicing this method a few times you will be able to fill this chart out completely in a matter of seconds. Now answering any question regarding weight line vectors (or Ground Reaction Forces) is a snap.1) During Midstance, where is the weight line vector located in relation to the hip?
answer: Posterior

 Note: There is some discrepancy between references when analyzing gait. The chart above has been composed while referencing Jacquelin Perry who authored “Gait Analysis Normal and Pathological Function 1st edition”.

  1. Please note at mid-stance the vector line starts out ever so slightly posterior to the knee and then shift anterior at the end phase of mid-stance.

Material referenced:

Perry, Jacquelin. Gait Analysis Normal and Pathological Function. 1st ed. Thorofare, NJ: SLACK Incorporated, 1992. 49-111. Print.