L2030-Kafo dbl solid stirrup w/o j


L2030-Knee ankle foot orthosis, double upright, free ankle, solid stirrup, thigh and calf bands/cuffs, (double bar 'ak' orthosis), without knee joint, custom fabricated

The following add-on codes may be used for this base code (only code for what you use):
Ankle and Foot Control Add On Codes
L2210-Dorsi Assist/Plant Flex Resist, each joint

L2200-Limited Ankle Motion, each joint

L2220-Dorsi/Plant Flex Assist/Resist, each joint

L2250-Footplate, stirrup attachment, mold to

L2270-Varus/Valgus corrective T-strap, padded/lined
Metal KAFO Add On Codes
L2230-Split Flat Calipr Stirrps and Palte Attach

L2240-Round Cliper and Plate Attachment

L2260-Reinforced Solid Stirrup (Scott-Craig)

L2265-Long Tongue Stirrup

L2280-Molded Inner boot

L2300-Adbduction Bar, Jointed, Adjustable

L2310-Abduction bar
Plastic KAFO Add On Codes
L2275-Varus/Valgus plastic modification

L2850-Femoral Length sock, Fracture or equal
Calf Add On Codes
L2340-Pre-tibial shell molded to Pt. model

L2350-PTB type BK socket, molded to Pt.

L2335-Anterior Swing Band
Knee Add On Codes
L2380-Torsion straight knee joint

L2385-Staight knee joint heavy duty

L2387- polycentric knee joint, for custom fabricated knee ankle foot orthosis, each joint

L2390- Offset knee joint each

L2395- Offset knee joint heavy duty

L2405- Knee joint drop lock ea jnt

L2415- Knee joint cam lock each joi

L2425- Knee disc/dial lock/adj flex

L2430- Knee jnt ratchet lock ea jnt

L2492- Knee lift loop drop lock rin

L2785- Drop lock retainer each

L2795- Knee control full kneecap

L2800- Knee cap medial or lateral p

L2810- Knee control condylar pad
Thigh Metal KAFO Add On Codes
L2320- Non-molded lacer

L2330- Lacer molded to patient mode

L2500- Thi/glut/ischia wgt bearing

L2530- Thigh/wght bear lacer non-molded

L2540- Thigh/wght bear lacer molded

L2550- Thigh/wght bear high roll cuff
Thigh Plastic KAFO Add On Codes
L2510- Thigh/weight bearing, quadri- lateral brim, molded to patient model

L2520-Thigh/weight bearing, qaudri-lateral brim, custom fitted

L2525- thigh/weight bearing, ischial containment/narrow m-l brim molded to patient model

L2526- thigh/weight bearing, ischial containment/narrow m-l brim, custom fitted
Shoes for Metal KAFO Add On Codes
L2360-Extended steel shank

L3224-Womans oxford shoe, attached to brace, ea

L3225-Mans oxford shoe, attached to brace, ea
Other Metal KAFO Add On Codes
L2370-Patten Bottom

L27750- plating chrome or nickel, per bar

L2760-Extension per bar lineal adjustment

L2768- Orthotic side bar disconnect device, per bar

L2780- non-corrosive finish, per bar
Plastic KAFO Add On Codes
L2755-Carbon graphite construction x 1ea

L2820- soft interface for molded plastic, below knee section

L2830- soft interface for molded plastic, above knee section



L2861- Concentric Torsion mechanism knee/ankle jnts custom only

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