L5050-Ank symes mold sckt sach ft


L5050-Ankle, symes, molded socket, sach foot

The following add-on codes may be used for this base code (only code for what you use):

Usually Associated

L5618- Test socket symes

 L5637- Below knee total contact

L5785- Exoskeletal bk ultralt mater


L5629- Below knee acrylic socket

L5630- Syme typ expandabl wall sckt

L5632- Symes type ptb brim design s

L5634- Symes type poster opening so

 L5636- Symes type medial opening so

L5645- Socket insert symes


L5654- Socket insert symes

L5661- Multi-durometer symes

L5668- Bk molded distal cushion

L5673- Socket insert w lock mech

L5679- Socket insert w/o lock mech

L5681- Intl custm cong/latyp insert

L5683- Initial custom socket insert


L5968- Multiaxial ankle w dorsiflex

L5970-K1- Foot external keel sach foot

L5971- Sach foot, replacement

 L5972-K2- Flexible keel foot

L5973-K3- Endoskeletal ankle foot system, microprocessor controlled feature, dorsiflexion and/or plantar flexion control, includes power source

L5974-K1- Foot single axis ankle/foot

L5975-K2- combination single axis ankle and flexible keel foot

L5976-K3- energy storing foot (seattle carbon copy ii or equal)

L5978-K2- Ft prosth multiaxial ankl/ft

L5979-K3- multi-axial ankle, dynamic response foot, one piece system

L5980-K3- Flex foot system

L5981-K3- Flex-walk sys low ext prosth

L5990- User adjustable heel height


L5666- Below knee cuff suspension

L5670- Bk molded supracondylar susp

L5671- Bk/ak locking mechanism

L5672- Bk removable medial brim sus

L5684- Bk fork strap

L5685- Below knee sus/seal sleeve

L5688- Bk waist belt webbing

L5690- Bk waist belt padded and lin

Socks/Sheaths-generally limited to 12 total socks, 2 shrinkers

L8400- Sheath below knee

L8417- Prosthetic sheath/sock, including a gel cushion layer, below knee or above knee, each

L8420- Prosthetic sock multi ply bk

L8440- Shrinker below knee

L8470- Pros sock single ply bk


L5910- Above knee hydracadence

L5962- Below knee flex cover system

L5982-K2- Exoskeletal axial rotation unit

L5986-K2- Multi-axial rotation unit

Symes & Partial Foot Replacement and Miscellaneus Codes

L5703- Ankle, symes, molded to patient model, socket without solid ankle cushion heel (sach) foot, replacement only

L5971- Sach foot, replacement

 L5999-Lower extremity prosthes nos

Orthotic or Prosthetic Lcodes
Px-Symes/Partial Foot
ICD10 Code:
S98.01-Complete traumatic amputation of foot at ankle level, Z89.512-Acquired absence of left leg below knee
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