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Gait Deviation Analysis

Gait deviation blog
There are several great videos online regarding gait deviations. I would highly recommend watching these videos until you are able to recognize the slightest gait deviation. Below are several common deviations that should be well known and understood by any practitioner. Read More…

UCBL & Force Systems

Last Foot Molds
The University of California Biomechanics Lab orthosis, better known as a UCBL orthosis has been commonly used to treat many disorders resulting from low tone. This post will go over three types of force systems, all of which will have an inverse systems that can be used when control of the opposite motion is needed. Read More…

Transtibial Socket Pressures

Transtibial socket forces
Understanding internal socket pressures is necessary to allow you to correlate areas of discomfort or irritation your patient may be experiencing. This will allow you to increase you patient’s comfort, prevent skin break down, and more evenly distribute socket pressure. Read More…


I thought it would be helpful to create a list of resources that can be quickly referenced when preparing for your exams. I was constantly checking dates and visiting certain websites while I was studying, so here they are!


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Transtibial Gait

Transfemoral Gait

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