Resources, Tips, and Tricks

I thought it would be helpful to create a list of tools that can be quickly referenced when trying to come up with a way to remember that certain thing that wont stick. This section provides several tips and tricks I stumbled upon when studying for my exams. They helped jog my memory and saved me time! Please visit this page frequently as we will be adding new tools all the time.

Our study guides are a great resource that provide concise information that will help you learn and retain the information you need to know. 

Tips and Tricks for Studying

Flash Cards

One of my favorite tools for study are the infamous flashcards. They are simple and effective. Not only do you learn as you flip through them, you also learn while your create them. Flashcards are a tried and true method of learning. If you are always on the go and want to bring your cards with you, they can become pretty discombobulated. Thank goodness for smart phones and the app developers for solving this problem. Check out the links’ below for great tools while studying. One of my favorites is Quizlet. You can you create flashcards but the website/app will quickly and effectively create practice quizzes and games with the information you provide! Wait I thought we were studying here not playing games?
Blank Flash Index Note Cards on Dark Grey Wood Background
  • is a great flash card tool that will create several tests and learning games based on the content that you provide. This really helped to get me going when I didn’t want to study:
  • is a flashcard tool that has beautiful application software for your smartphone. It works seamlessly and has features that allow you to rank how well you know a certain card. If you’re having trouble remembering a few answers, no need to worry. Brainscape will automatically queue you on that card more often:

Great Websites That Helped Me Study!

  • Trying to memorize and visualize the main parts of the nervous system can be difficult. This site helped me out a ton:

  • This one is obvious but I spent hours on youtube analyzing gait videos. You already know how to find them:

  • This is a great site! I used it over and over again to help me visually see all of the phases of gait:

  • Trying to find more information about a certain topic? This is your website:

  • Find all kinds of great research articles and more:

Exam Information

  • American Board for Certification in Orthotics, Prosthetics, and Pedorthotics: