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ABC Exam Schedule

Linked below is the page with exam dates, testing locations, and fees. 


By now you are pretty familiar with anatomy. But rying to memorize and visualize the main parts of the nervous system can be difficult. This site helped me out a ton and it’s free!

Gait Vectors

Another free to use site that allows you to easily see the ground reaction forces during all of phases of gait.

Flash Cards

Simple and effective. Not only do you learn as you flip through them, you learn while you’re creating them. If you are always on the go and want to bring your cards with you, they can become a little cumbersome. Thanks to smart phones and app developers, this problem has been solved. One of my favorites is Quizlet. Not only can you create flashcards but it will quickly and effectively create practice quizzes and games with the information you provided! Brainscape is another great app that has a unique way of helping you to retain information. One other strategy I use to organize my thoughts and information is mind mapping. MindMeister is a great app that can help you do just that. 

Short And Sweet Posts

Gait Deviation Analysis

Gait Deviation Analysis

There are several great videos online regarding gait deviations. I would highly recommend watching these videos until you are able to recognize the slightest gait deviation. Below are several common deviations that should be well known and understood by any...

UCBL & Force Systems

UCBL & Force Systems

The University of California Biomechanics Lab orthosis, better known as a UCBL orthosis has been commonly used to treat many disorders resulting from low tone. As of late I have been hearing much debate over the three point force systems at play. Many of these...

2 Strategies That Lead Me To Success!

2 Strategies That Lead Me To Success!

We all know that studying for an exam can be stressful. Not to mention a board exam that you have to pay for! We all go through the same routine of working all day, running errands, and then studying. Studying while being exhausted and stressed is one of the worst...

Learn By Watching

Check out these great videos that helped me Study!

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